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Support and promote the growth and continued vitality of shooting sports in the State of Nebraska through development and maintenance of shooting parks, programs, and events, which will provide educational and practical shooting experiences for future generations, as well as, through a commitment to programs that encourage youth to engage in outdoor activities and strengthen relationships, both in the family and community. The priority will be the Heartland Public Shooting Park (HPSP) in Grand Island, Nebraska, with secondary efforts dedicated to other shooting sports facilities and programs throughout Central Nebraska and the rest of the State. The Corporation will seek and obtain monetary gifts from interested donors and, generally, use only the earnings derived from these gifts to fund programs.
  1. In order to grow shooting sports in the region, we need to have a regional hub that attracts shooters from across Nebraska, the Nation, and Internationally. HPSP is the core shooting hub.
  2. We first need to raise enough money to endow ongoing operational needs of HPSP. Because the City of Grand Island owns HPSP, the continued existence of the park is likely dependent on the park being able to cover annual operating expenses without subsidies from taxpayer money or subsidies from other parks and recreation programs or facilities.
    1. As of September 2014, HPSP is operating at about an annual $180,000 deficit of expenses over revenues and will require endowed funds of approximately $3,600,000 to cover the existing operating shortfall.
  3. Raise funds for improvement of HPSP operations and offerings. Continued expansion of the shooting facility is desired in an effort to be a one-stop-shop for shooting events and venues in the United States. For example, 4-H needs a facility that not only provides firearm shooting sports, but also archery shooting sports.
  4. Raise funds to endow operations and improvements of other shooting locations and programs that will help grow local shooting sport involvement, which will then feed into HPSP as a destination for organized shooting venues.
  5. Focus on youth because they are a key component to the future of shooting sports..
    1. HPSP has hosted the annual National 4-H event starting in 2013 and proven worthy of future commitments. HPSP has a commitment from 4-H to hold the annual National event through 2016.
    2. HPSP would like to secure future 4-H contracts base on what we can offer in the existing three years contract.
    3. HPSP would like to bring more youth sports activities to the park as a conduit to building awareness and participation from youth shooting sports prospects and participants.
  6. Apply dollars to our purpose not administrative overhead.
    1. Operate lean and efficiently.
      1. Initial board leadership have been selected with complimentary skill sets needed to successfully establish and grow according to our purpose.
        1. Bill Starkey is the superintendent of HPSP and has been active in the shooting sports industry for many years. Biography available upon request.
        2. Dan Lindstrom is an owner and attorney with Jacobsen Orr Lindstrom & Holbrook located in Kearney, NE. He has significant litigation, business law, and fundraising experience. Dan has been an active board member for many successful non-profit organizations. Biography available upon request.
        3. Jeff S. Anderson is an owner, President, and CEO of Contryman Associates, P.C. (CAPC), a Certified Public Accounting firm, with multiple offices in Nebraska, as well as, President and CEO of the CAPC subsidiary Wealth Advisors Network, Inc. d/b/a Contryman Wealth Advisors with several locations in Nebraska and Colorado. He has extensive experience in taxation, estate planning, succession planning, gift planning, financial planning, investment management, and has served as a board member of numerous successful non-profit organizations. His biography can be found at www.capc.com.
      2. Operate with volunteer time from board leadership for fund raising and activities consistent with our purpose. Reasonable and customary professional fees will be paid for services rendered in the normal course of business.
    2. No paid employees currently exist and we plan to operate as long as possible without paid employees. We will consider employees when the ongoing operations of the Foundation can no longer be handled by volunteers.

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Benefits to Shooting Sports

  1. Increase shooting sports participation in our region and Nebraska.
    1. Heartland Public Shooting Park (HPSP) is the regional shooting facility hub for large organized events as a full service shooting facility.
    2. Local clubs will benefit from increased local participation of shooters entering the sport who want the opportunity to participate in multiple shooting sport disciplines, but need the affordability and access to practice locally.


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